Directions to Invercreran Lodge

If you are using Stat Nav please type in Invercreran only not Invercreran Lodge, it doesn’t recognise invercreran Lodge for for some odd reason. 

The sat nav directions should bring you right to us. When you come into Glen Creran , It’s a single track road with lots of passing places. We are roughly half a mile along the glen road on the left. You will pass a church (it’s now a family home) about 150 metres after you enter Glen Creran. Keep driving along the road after you pass the church , for another 2-3 minutes, the next house you will see on your left is a large modern-shaped White House, drive pass that for about 100 metres then you will come to our entrance which is on the left, drive up the drive and turn right at the top , and there you will find us.

We can make dinner reservations for you.
If you want to go out for dinner on the night you arrive there are three choices in the Appin area Creagan Inn, excellent pub food, The Pier House, fantastic seafood or the Old Inn that specialises in steaks . All within 15 minutes of Invercreran Lodge. Just let us know if you would like us to reserve you a table. 

Have a lovely drive to us and I look forward to meeting you both .